lowresHi my name is Matthew Denick.

I have been practicing for over 10 years in the field of massage and bodywork.   I have over 4000 hrs of training in a variety of different modalities including Deep tissue massage, Circulatory, Table thai, and sensory repatterning to name a few.  I am an experienced Rolf Strutural Integrator, Certified Rossiter Coach,  and Certified Matrix Practitioner.  I am also a member of IASI (International Association of Structural Integrators).  I graduated from IPSB (international Professional School of Bodywork), I have also assisted in instruction for the Principals of Structural Integration classes.  I studied under  Ed Maupin phd. at IPSB.  He is one of Ida Rolf’s original students and one of the few still teaching. He is a nationally recognized figure in the Rolfing world.  I  have also trained with Richard Rossiter developer of the Rossiter system and Richard Bartlett developer of Matrix Energetics.

I have also been a club soccer coach for over 12 years.  Working with athletes and improving there performance through functional movement and structural analysis.  Having been an athlete myself and having dealt with repetitive stress injuries of my own.  I know the importance of being able to move fluidly and without pain.