Rick I., La Jolla

msI had tried various things for the problem I have with my elbow. I still play adult baseball and I wasn’t able to throw as far as I used to plus I was sore for days after my game. After seeing that for one session, my elbow is almost back to normal . I highly recommend his work.

Kathy N., San Diego

Kathy N., San DiegoI have know Matt Denick for close to a year now.  His program is a must in order to stay flexible and tension free.  Matt is dedicate to helping people’s posture, to walk better, not hurt, and be supple and healthy.  I fell as a teen breaking both ankles and turned to Matt because my knee, legs and feet were hurting and tight. He is great with those old body injuries that seem to plague you in later life. Thank you Matt.  Your knowledge about anatomy is amazing and you are a great body healer.

L G., San Diego

2Matt has a different kind of approach to massage, he wants to get at the root of the issue and help you really heal.  There’s no soft pampering touch, he really gets in there and it hurts a little during the session, but if you can tough it out, then afterwards you are rewarded with your muscles feeling looser and the aches and pains actually going away the next day.  I highly recommend him if you actually want to heal.  I found him through using an eLiveLife voucher which gave me a first time client discount.

L L., San Diego

2WOW!  Matt Really Knows the Human Body!

***** WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Structural Energetics *****

My Wife and I both are midway through the 10 sessions. I have been going for deep tissue massage for lower back issues for years. This is completely different and has provided relieve I never got before. My Wife is very pleased as Matt has helped her with her hamstring and back issues too.

Do your research on the process, make sure you are working with some one like Matt who really knows the human body, endure the sometimes painful moments and you will be very happy with the results!